Please suggestion :
I encode video stdin-stdout ( from built-in camera ) through the program VLC (on debian PI). Wowza accepts no problem because the video is displayed . But only about 55-60 seconds . After this time, stream restart (every 55-60 seconds).

At the same time I play the same stream at the windows (VLC) and a stream of running continuously without interruption. There are no breaks.

What could be wrong? Code of VLC :

cvlc -vvv stream:///dev/stdin --sout '#rtp{sdp=rtsp://:8544/0.sdp}' :demux=h264

In mediacaster -> udp rtptransportmode already have set "udp" but it does not improve the situation. Stream validator off does not help (although reducing the streamtimeout that the video faster "returns " ) Please, any suggestions.
Thank you in advance.

Sorry for my english... :/