I have a project that I hope to achieve with Wowza, I am keen to learn if anyone can advise if this is possible or not before I proceed with purchasing the required licenses.

The ultimate goal is to live stream live content from a single server, to a content distribution server, and then on to endpoint clients.

The live content server - This has 5x live 720p feeds coming in and processes all of these into whatever video format I choose, lets say this will be mp4 for now, although it can reasonably be anything. The streams will be 1-2mbit. This server only has a 10mbit dedicated uplink, and I cannot afford to be streaming all 5 streams 24/7 to the content delivery server.

The content delivery server - This has a 10gbit port, and so can relay many streams to all the endpoints. I want this server to receive the streams from the live content server and to forward the content on to any endpoints that have requested it.

The endpoints - The endpoints simply choose what stream they wish to view, 1-5. The content is received from the CDS above and plays the live content.

The problem - As mentioned earlier, I only want the live content server to stream the required feed to the CDS as and when a client requests it, in addition, if another endpoint has requested that same stream, I only want one stream from the LCS to the CDS, and then lets say 5 endpoints all request that stream, all five are served from the CDS, with only 1 stream of that content from the LCS. I hope I explained that well.

So in a perfect world, if no endpoints are watching any content, then their is no traffic between the live content server and the CDN. However if say 20 endpoints decide to watch stream 2, 1x stream is setup between the LCS and the CDS and then 20x streams are sent from the CDS to the endpoints.

I hope that makes sense, and I hope this is possible. To give a little backround all servers and endpoints sit within an OpenVPN and are not exposed to the internet so to speak.

Is this possible with Wowza? If not, or partially, is their any product or combination of that can help me deliver this?

edit - the servers are all running centos. the endpoints are all running various linux flavours.