I'm looking in to moving my streaming service from Unreal Media Server to Wowza, I've found UMS to be pretty flaky at times and expect Wowza to be a much more stable solution. I would like to check first that Wowza will suit my needs, I run a webcam live streaming service for UK schools which comes with a few technical hurdles.

1. Schools currently connect their USB webcams (most are analog cams with a video-to-usb dongle) to my UMS server over TCP port 5130, using either Unreal Live Server or Adobe FMLE. Think I know the answer here, but I take it Wowza is fine to use with Adobe FMLE? I could provide each school with a profile xml file to load, to make it easy for them.

2. I stream the RTMP streams from school webcams through port 80 on my UMS server, on to my website. The vast majority of schools here have every non-standard port blocked by default, so they can't watch any streams through other ports. Can Wowza stream RTMP over port 80 ok (I will not need to run a web server off my media server)?

3. As noted in point 1, schools connect their webcams through port 5130, which means they have to request this port is opened by their network service provider (this can be a proper headache at times). If I'm streaming over port 80, is there another commonly open port I could have schools connect to if they want to stream, which would mean they wouldn't have to get it opened?

4. UMS is very hit and miss with HLS. I really need these streams to be viewable across all come devices and browsers. Is Wowza easy to set up to enable this?

Many thanks in advance.