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Thread: Creating Playlist and Scheduling

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    Default Creating Playlist and Scheduling

    I am not sure if Wowza is the solution for me or not.

    Basically, I do not care about live streaming or giving the viewers the option of VOD. What I am trying to do is create playlists of content to be streamed to a 24/7 local url. Having a timeline and a calendar is what I am looking for. However, there may be some future use of live streaming. I was under the impression that Wowza was meant to be used to create a tv like station of content where I can loop a few hours of video or fill up a 24 hr block of scheduled content. Now I am realizing I will need a 3r party for this??

    Could someone let me know if Wowza is useful for my situation or are there other software options that will work?


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    What you describe is certainly possible.
    This Scheduled Streaming solution is seems like it is what you are looking for.


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