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Thread: Test Player on EC2 Problem

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    Default Test Player on EC2 Problem

    Hi there,

    I lit up my first EC2 instance with the latest Wowza AMI using the instructions and everything worked fine except for the test player. I double checked and port 1935 is open.

    When I click on the default test player, I see the error message "Source stream or file could not be found or access was denied."


    Any thoughts on what could be causing the issue?

    The AMI is: ami-4e675726


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    Adrian, can you confirm the live stream is published at the time of testing playback?

    Also, check that the RTP/Authentication/PlayMethod property is set to "None" in your Application.xml file.

    If you can not get this sorted quickly, I recommend you open a ticket with support by emailing When doing so please send a zipped copy of the following folders along with the email:



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    Thank you Salvadore.

    The source stream is indeed available (I can hear it now playing directly with VLC). I think your advice is best, I will open a ticket.

    Many thanks,

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