We have a problem. After creating streaming file quickly disappears. This bug is reproduced in one wowza server, when create exactly the same stream file in another server with the same configuration (at least the same Application.xml and Server.xml), connecting to the same camera, everything is ok.
In server with this bug in access log file we can see "found broken live source re-stream file : camera7.stream". If we start stream, it quickly disappear from "stream files", but still exists in "incoming streams" and we can still connect to this stream.
What is this? How can we fix it?
P.S. In both servers (with bug and without) when we create stream, we get two strings in error log:
"CupertinoPacketHandler.handleHolder[videowhisper/_definst_/camera7.stream]: Invalid video/audio codec combination for iPhone/iPod: video:H264 audio:G711_ALAW"
"CupertinoPacketHandler.handleHolder[videowhisper/_definst_/camera7.stream]: Invalid audio codec for iPhone/iPod:G711_ALAW".
Can it be connected with this bug?