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Thread: Load balance add on - built in to the wowza 4 ami?

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    Default Load balance add on - built in to the wowza 4 ami?


    I am upgrading from a wowza 2 to wowza 4 situation.

    This is where I am coming from as we have been using wowza since 1.7 and been stuck on version 2 for a long time,we have used the system below for many large and small event streams over the years to stream video to 10's,100's and 1000's of viewers.

    Current system:

    our own server - wowza 2 in a data center running loadbalance - "master origin".

    when we do an event we use ec2 to handle the traffic and I spool up servers as needed.

    we tend to do a system where we have a single wowza 2 ec2 server acting as the "cloud origin" this connects back to our "master origin" server in our data center.

    each ec2 "cloud edge" we spool up then connects to the ec2 "cloud origin" and leaves the "master origin" alone.

    Its been working well over the years and I would like to replicate this system on wowza 4 and EC2

    in order to do this do I need to install the load balance add on in to my startup script that I use to spool up the ec2 edge server ? or like the wowza2 system will it just talk back to the load balancer and inform it that its available if the ipaddress is in the config script ?

    is there any prebuilt startup script that I can get hold of if that's the case ?

    I favor this way rather than cloudfront as I can spool up as many servers as I want and change the sizes of them, as we have very short windows of opportunity sometimes doing a live show only for a few hours and it has to work!

    Cloud front has burned me in the past!

    many thanks


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    Hi Alex,

    No, the Load Balancer is not pre-built/pre-configured with a new Amazon EC2 AMI. It is an addon that you will need to download and install on your Wowza server.
    Please take a look at the "How to get Dynamic Load Balancing AddOn" forum article for instructions on how to get this addon.
    The installation and configuration instructions are available in the addon package.


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    ok I guess i wil need to script that in a startup package as we tend to spin up servers just before we go live with an event so no time to pre build and test.

    I take it its possible to load in the modules to make the load balancer work in the startup script for EC2?

    I allready have the load balancer server running on my "master origin" machine in our data centre, its the EC2 bit thats tricky I think.

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