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Thread: loadbalance wowza 4 , transrate, ec2 edges

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    Default loadbalance wowza 4 , transrate, ec2 edges


    I have managed to setup and have work mostly a system below.

    Encoder Live stream output -> wowza4 (transrating) in our datacentre "live- record" -> wowza4 EC2 as "liverepeater-edge-origin" -> 2 or more wowza4 EC2 "Liverepeater-edge"

    I can stream and see pictures on the edges - they all link together on the wowz:// protocol.

    The loadbalance info can see the ec2 edges and not the EC2 edge-origin (only want the clients to connect to the "edges" not the cloud "edge-origin" server or our data center server) - it loads in the loadbalancer on its ec2 startup script.

    If I select a dedicated output from the transrate on a edge ip or on the "edge-origin" address I get pictures that are pulled from the main server.

    but when I use an address type like this:-

    and also with the redirect in it it does not seem to work.

    I want to really confirm that if I have my wowza4 datacentre server setup to transrate a live stream that can be carried forward to the edge-origin and edges on EC2 and the redirects can handle the multi streams so the systems adjusts according to bandwidth. Which I have seen work when connected directly to the datacentre server.

    I need this bit:

    to get to this

    and then bitrate adapt

    I would seem that I have got all the parts working separately but not when stringing them all together.

    Look forward to your input.



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    If I'm reading this correctly, you want the name group to be available on the edge? One option is to create stream files in the content folder on the edges that contain the full RTMP URL to your origin stream, e.g.

    File: /content/
    Contents: rtmp://[wowza-origin-address]:1935/liveorigin/myStream
    You could then create a smil file on the edge containing references to the individual stream files. This forum post from one of our developers has examples and further details. I'd work on this first as a simple origin/edge configuration and then test within a load balanced environment.


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    Hi Alex,

    You have a support ticket #128506 where I have also answered your question. I will post it here as well so other forum user might benefit:
    I think that the main problem with your approach is the fact that you are using the transcoder stream groups (ngrp) which are only available on the server where the transcoder is running. In this case, this would be the Wowza4 transrating instance running in your data center.
    To access an adaptive bitrate stream, you should either use the SMIL files or the MediaList module (AMLST) on your edges, as described in the following forum articles:
    How to create and play SMIL files with streams created by Wowza Transcoder
    How to use Java API calls to resolve SMIL file requests (AMLST)

    For the multi-bitrate load balancing, please see the "WowzaDynamicLoadBalancingAddOn_UsersGuide.pdf" document, on page 13.

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