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Thread: VOD of remote file, then saving local copy of streamed chunks

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    Default VOD of remote file, then saving local copy of streamed chunks


    We have VOD of remote files working nicely using Wowza. We would like to extend the functionality such that any video content streamed from the remote file server is saved the same way a RTSP stream initiated would be saved using RTP-Live-Record
    (which we also do with Wowza - ip camera streams are initiated through wowza by users, and then a local copy of viewed rtsp stream is saved for future viewing)

    The reason for wanting to record the streamed remote file locally is that the comms link between wowza and the file server is cellular, so when someone watches the stream, we'd like to not waste the cost of transmission.

    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions on the end goal.

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    Hi Mike,

    Maybe MediaCache could provide this functionality? Media Cache stores VOD assets from a file or http source on the local Wowza "Edge" server once it has been requested by a client. You can adjust the Media Cache expiry parameters to store the local copy for whatever time period you wish.


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