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Thread: Can Wowza send data back to client encoders?

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    Default Can Wowza send data back to client encoders?


    Is it possible to send arbitrary data from Wowza to encoders like FMLE? E.g. say I want to tell FMLE to stop its current stream, reconnect, and restart a new session, can I write a Wowza module to do that?

    Right now I can disconnect the client from within Wowza, and on the other end FMLE will keep pushing out the same stream as if nothing's happened. What I'd like to do is tell it to start a fresh stream, as if a person at the other end pressed stop and start again. This is useful for when the stream is corrupted and I need to tell FMLE to start over.


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    While there isn't a direct module way to do this, you could certainly do this outside of Wowza Streaming engine. A way to remotely do this is discussed here.


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