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Thread: Limit of input connection

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    Dear team,
    How many input connection can handle didecated Server.
    Dell 620 Intel Xeon E5-2620 2GHz 6C/12T
    NIC:4x10G ( I have timming and getting 40GB input output traffic intranet.)
    RAM:384 GB
    HDD:1.6 TB SDD

    I want to record and publish it. My output connection not more than 100 at a time. Please guide me about input connection.

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    Hello there.

    With a 1g nic (20% overhead accounted for.) = 800mbs throughput, which is 800 1 mbs streams, or 1600 500kbs streams.

    You can use this formula for calculating:

    number of users * stream bitrate + 20% IP overhead = total server bandwidth

    You will have to test your actual server/network using the load test tool, or monitoring utilization in production. You must be properly tuned. And to achieve maximum levels you may have to tune your server and network in other ways outside Wowza.



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