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Thread: GoCoder Android doesn't support Wowza Cloud

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    Default GoCoder Android doesn't support Wowza Cloud

    I can't see the option to connect to Wowza Cloud.
    Is it still in development?

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    Hello there, please take a look at this guide:
    How to connect Wowza GoCoder to Wowza Streaming Cloud



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    Android version doesn't show these options.
    This is probably for iOS.

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    In the Video Source tab in your Wowza Cloud dashboard, if you have selected GoCoder as your source and have saved the setup, you can go back to this tab and email the configuration link to your device. Currently the connection code setup is not available for Android.

    When you receive the link and click on it on your device, be sure to choose GoCoder to open the link in order to configure your GoCoder.

    I hope this helps!



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    My query was specifically for Android.
    So it seems its still not available for Android.

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    Some time ago this was implemented. Wowza Streaming Cloud supports both Android and iOS GoCoder. From the GoCoder app, click on the gear icon with the Wowza logo and select Wowza Streaming Cloud in the Connect To dialog. Then enter the Connection code from the Live Streams tab in Wowza Streaming Cloud.


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