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Thread: Setup live app as HTTP Origin with CloudFront

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    Default Setup live app as HTTP Origin with CloudFront

    Hi I have followed the tutorials and have configured the live app that comes by default as a HTTP origin app and have setup a CloudFront distribution as the caching infrastructure.

    Based on the documentation all I have to do is add these to the <HTTPStreamer> block's <Properties> container to support HLS over CloudFront:


    Is this all guys? Do I need to do anything else?

    Btw does CloudFront pull chunks from Wowza by itself or are they pulled whenever user requests are made? Is there a way to push out chunks to Wowza even before requests are made?

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    Yes, Cloudfront will pull the needed chunks only when a client is requesting a particular media file from Cloudfront.
    Currently the push of Apple HLS chunks to CDN is only possible for Akamai, when using the Push Publishing feature to push the Apple HLS stream to Akamai CDN.
    Please see the "Push Publishing destinations (with sample mapping file information)" forum article for more info regarding this.


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