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Thread: Live frame grabbing

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    Question Live frame grabbing

    I'm trying to set up a stream monitoring webpage, and to do that I want to display the current frame of a live stream, let's say every 5 seconds.

    I found these pages:

    but I have no idea on how to use them.

    Is there a way to fetch a png file from a url? something like the connection count at port 8086?



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    The first link you mention, "How to get thumbnail images from Wowza Transcoder with an HTTP Provider"
    Uses the Wowza transcoder to grab any frame and provide it in a HTTP link, via a HTTP Provider, and the image comes via http link just as you require.
    The downside is that you do require your streams to be transcoded for it to work, which is likely not always going to be the case.
    The second link you provide, although not available via a HTTP provider, can be turned into one with some code. There are some alternatives suggested in the comments as well.


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