Hi, all

My goal is to enable HLS streaming on Wowza where the video files are located at remote path (i. e. not located at the same machine where Wowza is installed).

Test browser: Wowza test player on MAC OS Safari
Environment: Install WowzaStreamingEngine in Linux

When I copy the remote video files and create a mystream.smil into the WowzaStreamingEngine/content folder and then use Safari browser to test the HLS streaming, everything is fine. However, when I want to let Wowza to access remote video files instead of copying video files to WowzaStreamingEngine/content, I tried 2 approaches as below.

modify <StorageDir> in conf/vod/Application.xml to the root of remote path such as /mnt/xxfs (it's a network file system)

a. Change mystream.smil to point to the relative remote file path and use Safari to play http://wowza_ip:1935/vod/smil:mystre.../playlist.m3u8

We see wowza trying to find /mnt/xxfs/mystream.smil on the remote machine. It looks like wowza assuming the .smil should be located at the same path of remote video files. Is it possible to have .smil and video files located at different paths? Because we don't want to put .smil to the servers which store the video files.

b. Without .smil file: use Safari to play http://wowza_ip:1935/vod/mp4:test.mp4/playlist.m3u8

where the remote video file is located at /mnt/xxfs/test.mp4. The result also fails, we cannot see any video streaming. But we can see the remote file system is transmitting data to wowza.

Please help to give some comments, thanks a lot.