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Thread: minimize HLS latency

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    Hi, I'm trying to create a minimum latency live event (input RTMP output HLS) that includes transcoding.

    I encoded the input stream with I frame every 2s and I reduced the HLS segments duration to 4s (cupertinoChunkDurationTarget) and I have cupertinoPlaylistChunkCount = 3 (default) and I have around 18s of delay. Are there other changes that I can do in order to minimize this delay (in transcoder, or ...)


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    If you have a keyframe every 2 seconds, the cupertinoChunkDurationTarget can be 2000 (2 seconds) which will reduce the delay further.
    There's nothing else that can be done to reduce the delay unless you encoding of the source to have a keyframe interval of 1 second and change the cupertinoChunkDurationTarget to 1000.


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    Thanks Jason!

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