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Thread: Send Webcam Stream from Flash player to Wowza

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    Default Send Webcam Stream from Flash player to Wowza


    Do you know a way, or an example source code for sending webcam stream from a Flash application (running on a browser) to Wowza Streaming Engine.
    The goal is to restream this webcam stream, to many other clients.


    Nicolas Castillejos

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    Hi Nicolas,
    In the [Wowza-Install]/examples/ directory you will find some of the examples including WebcamRecording have a directory called FlashRTMPPlayer which contains a player.html file for publishing webcams to Wowza.
    These is example files can be used to publish your stream to a live application in Wowza allowing many playback clients to then view the stream.

    We don't have any production ready recommendations that I'm aware of but someone else on the forum may be able to offer some advice.


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