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Thread: LiveStreamRecordManager encoder dropouts

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    How does the LiveStreamRecordManager handle encoder dropout/reconnect? I use the LiveStreamRecordManager to start recording in the OnPublish event handler. What happens when the encoder has a dropout, e.g. a 2-3 seconds because of bad WiFi connection? The encoder will reconnect automatically when the WiFi comes back, but will the recording stop?

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    If the encoder drops connection while publishing (for example RTMP push without stream file) then Wowza will consequently trigger an "unpublish" event if the stream stop, which will also stop any recording and close down the stream. Once the encoder re-establishes itself and publishes to Wowza then (assuming the app is set to auto-record) the recording will continue, otherwise you would need to re-start the recording via the Manager web UI or via the web based HTTP provider method.

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