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Thread: Live Stream Recording Audio and Video Sync Issue

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    Default Live Stream Recording Audio and Video Sync Issue

    I have seen this issue being posted many times without any resolution . We are using Wowza 4.1 . We are recording within wowza application using LiveStreamReecordManager . I am already using startOnKeyFrame with StreamRecordParameter . But Still there is no difference . Any parameters suggested for application.xml are not making any difference either . We are doing mp4 record only . This issue is causing us trouble as recorded OD files are pretty much useless. Please look in to this ASAP .

    Will really appreciate your timely input in this issue .

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    To provide more information , This happens only when Main profile is used . If Baseline is used then this doesn't happen . We have also used following parameters with no success .

    liveStreamRecorderUseMoreAccurateAudioTimecodes = false
    recordWaitForVideoKeyFrame = true
    streamRecorderStartOnKeyFrame = true

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    I was having this problem as well when recording with mp4. For me the problem was the variable frame rate on video. So I changed to FLV recording, and when I finish de recording, I use ffmpeg on it to convert to mp4. No more problems on audio sync since then.

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    @Animaleante , That's good . Although I don't want to add an extra layer of conversion and wowza module must be able to record stream without this issue . With so many posts in forum I think it is really an issue and wowza should provide some input a way to fix it.

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    Any possibility to get some update from wowza team ?

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    What are the encoders settings for audio and video codec?

    Also, what player are you testing the recordings in?

    Thank you.


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    Here is Wirecast settings shot . . I have tested this with our custom player which is built on top of OSMF and also here

    Please consider this
    1) This does not happen with live stream at all . Only after recorded file .
    2) MP4 recordings has issue .
    3) We have used settings I already described above and we already have LiveStreamPacketizers installed.
    4) We are recording on wowza module as code below

    String streamName = stream.getName();
    IApplicationInstance appInstance = stream.getClient().getAppInstance();
    IVHost vhost = null;
    vhost = appInstance.getVHost();
    ILiveStreamRecordManager recorder = recorders.get(streamName);
    if (recorder != null) {
    recorder.stopRecording(appInstance, streamName);
    recorder = vhost.getLiveStreamRecordManager();
    StreamRecorderParameters srp = new StreamRecorderParameters(stream.getClient().getAppInstance());
    srp.outputPath = outputPath;
    srp.outputFile = outputFile;
    srp.segmentationType = IStreamRecorderConstants.SEGMENT_NONE;
    srp.versioningOption = IStreamRecorderConstants.APPEND_FILE;
    srp.startOnKeyFrame = true;
    srp.recordData = true;
    recorder.startRecording(appInstance, streamName, srp);
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    It looks like your key frame interval is to low. I would try changing that from 8 seconds down to 2 seconds. So a key frame every 60 frames instead of every 240 frames.


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    Sorry, forgot to also suggest testing the recording with one of the VOD sample players that ship with Wowza.

    Thank you,


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    @Salvadore , Thanks for your suggestions, I will try it out. Although it confuses me that if Live stream has no issue with this encoder settings , how changing it will help with recorded file.

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