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Thread: Live Stream Recording Audio and Video Sync Issue

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    I just tried that and still it made no difference .

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    Anyone here can please provide direction ?
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    A recording made from a live stream in Wowza should playback from a Wowza vod application, but might not work well or at all for other purposes. It often has to do with the fact that Wowza places the moov atom at the end of the file rather than the beginning.

    Please test the recording with one of the example players that ship with Wowza. If playback is correct in the sample player, then you can try re-encoding the recording with ffmpeg and see if that fixes the recording in your custom player.

    Also, try different settings in the encoder. Other users have found that changing to 24fps video fixed audio sync issue. I don't think that is a fix-all in other situations necessarily, but changing audio and video details is where I would start.

    If all else fails you can open a ticket with support. To do so please follow this guide and send required information to
    How to create a compressed zip file in Windows, OS X, and Linux



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    Tried that as well and it makes no difference . No matter what player I tried it with it has same sync issues , and that is because record file itself has problem .
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    Even tried opening a ticket . No help there either , was suggested just try out parameters that I already mentioned before which makes no difference .

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    Hi. I'm having the exact same problem described by sdabhi. Live stream is perfect, while recorded MP4 has A/V sync issues.

    I've described my findings in details at

    Anyone else has any ideas? Thanks!

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    As a matter of fact, sdabhi, can you please confirm whether the archived file, when played on VLC or Media Player Classic, runs just fine? What about on Quicktime Player?



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    I have tried VLC and it was off . Are you sending stream from wirecast ? I have tried all different parameters with no success so far .

    I haven't got much of help from forum or support tickets so far . But if it helps you I have used following parameters in your code or application.xml .

    liveStreamRecorderUseMoreAccurateAudioTimecodes = false
    recordWaitForVideoKeyFrame = true
    sortPackets = true
    sortBufferSize = 750 , 250
    streamRecorderBackBufferTime = 2000
    splitOnTcDiscontinuity = true
    moveFirstVideoFrameToZero = true
    versioning: overwrite / append
    recordData = true
    segmentationType : SEGMENT_NONE
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    Sdabhi, where you requested to send a sample recording with a/v sync issues to support for testing? If you have not sent a sample, and your ticket is still open, please do so support can get a better understanding.


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    Yes I have already sent wowza my application java code . Before weekend I was advised to try debugAACTimecodes and debugMP3Timecodes to make sure if we see sync issue in logs . I am going to try that now .

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