Hi, we have Wowza 4 running at several server without problems.
but on 1 server I still use wowza 3.6 in application mode.
We use it as a VOD system.

The files are on a networkpath. unfortunally that network path has the same username but a different password, to access it.
so If I run wowza4 as a service with the correct credentials to access the server, it runs, but has no access to the network path.
when I use the credentials to access the network path as credentials to start the server, it won't start (that's normal, no valid account)
Is there a way I can get this system working ?

in short :
server (with wowza):
  • user : user1
  • password : password1

NAS (with the videos) :
  • user : user1
  • password : password2