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Thread: live stream down show mp4

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    Default live stream down show mp4

    I'm trying to follow

    I'm having some issues with the stream showing up to connect to. My smil file looks like


    <stream name="Stream1"></stream>

    <playlist name="pl1" playOnStream="Stream1" repeat="true" scheduled="2009-12-11 16:00:00">
    <video src="mp4:sample.mp4" start="0" length="20"/>

    I have the following streams

    I'm just not sure how to plug this all together to make it work.

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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    Have you followed this guide to set up the scheduler?
    How to schedule streaming with Wowza Streaming Engine (ServerListenerStreamPublisher)

    That would be the first step in getting the LoopUntilLive Module to work:
    How to loop a pre-roll until a live stream starts (ModuleLoopUntilLive)

    Once this is all configured to test the Live application (if you used the default settings of the loop till live module) you would play myStream. This will play the sample.mp4 file until you publish a live stream from an encoder. At which point the live stream would take over for the sample.mp4 file.

    Please let us know what yuo have configure so far, and were you seem to be stuck.

    Thank you.


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