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Thread: Persists SharedObject is not working.

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    Default Persists SharedObject is not working.

    Friends of the Wowza team

    we are having trouble persists SharedObjects, we are using the code below, but to persist the object, exit the application, and after application complete with stop app, and return access the SharedObject is not triggered on the client to run.

    It seems that everything is lost when you turn INFO server comment - onAppStop.

    The file is created successfully within applications / myapp / SharedObjects / my_shared_object.rso

    Any idea?


    public void changeConfigurations(IClient client, RequestFunction function, AMFDataList params) {

    getLogger().info("configurationsSO: "+params);

    ISharedObjects sharedObjects = client.getAppInstance().getSharedObjects(true); // SET TRUE FOR PERSISTENT
    ISharedObject sharedObject = sharedObjects.getOrCreate("configurationsSO"); // CREATE OR GET Sharedobject
    sharedObject.setProperty(params.getObject(PARAM1).getString("type"), params.getObject(PARAM1).getBoolean("action"));
    catch (Exception e)
    getLogger().info("Error attaching "+e.toString());


    configurationsSO = SharedObject.getRemote("configurationsSO", modelControl.ncManager.uri, true);
    modelControl.configurationsSO.addEventListener( SyncEvent.SYNC, syncConfigurations) ;
    modelControl.configurationsSO.connect( modelControl.ncManager );
    modelControl.configurationsSO.client = this;

    private function syncConfigurations(event:SyncEvent):void
    var resultInteracts:Object =;

    for( var currentChangeList:String in event.changeList )
    var change:Boolean = (event.changeList[currentChangeList].code == "change");
    var success:Boolean = (event.changeList[currentChangeList].code == "success");
    var clear:Boolean = (event.changeList[currentChangeList].code == "clear");
    var deletes:Boolean = (event.changeList[currentChangeList].code == "delete");

    if(change){ trace("change:") }
    if(clear){ trace("clear:") }

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    Someone from the Wowza team can give me a stand regarding this issue?

    When we use persistent sharedoject and the application is stopped the persisted SharedObject is no longer sent to the client when the client returns to reconnect the application.

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