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Thread: Transcode specific streams instead of all

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    Default Transcode specific streams instead of all

    Is there a way to transcode specific streams instead of all streams? I see there is a way to do so via the templates, but that will not work for me. I need to be able to execute within a module to transcode a specific stream (for example, if I write the module to transcode a specific stream because it has reached 500+ concurrent viewers, and so on)

    Thank you for any help. I searched many times and could not find anything about this.

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    There is a way given here to control which streams get transcoded using the Transcoder API.
    You'll need to add logic to figure out which stream it is you want to transcode.

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    That is perfect! How did I miss that.

    I have another question. I want to transcode streams by using a liverepeater-edge configuration. Pick a stream that the liverepeated-edge has incoming and transcode it back to our origin servers. I see it tries to do that by publishing 360p, all, etc to the originating origin server but that is no good. I use stream key authentication on the origin servers. Making a stream key for each transcoded stream isn't a problem but how do I tell the transcoder to use a certain stream key in the above trancoder module example?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Double bump.

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    You won't be able to transcode a stream using a liverepeater-edge application because that stream is not being published on that application. It is only being repeated from the origin application. The Transcoder feature is fired up only when the publish event is triggered.
    When using the liverepeater-edge application, when a playback client requests a certain stream, Wowza will look at that particular application's OriginURL parameter and repeat the requested stream from the origin application.

    You will need to transcode the stream that is being published on the origin application.

    If you are using the Wowza Manager user interface, you will see that the Transcoder feature is not even available when using a Live Edge application type.


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