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Thread: Large video excessive loading time

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    Default Large video excessive loading time


    I'm just moving from an Adobe FMS server to a Wowza server installed on Azure with a production license.
    I've migrated my F4V videos (about 600 GB) to the Azure server on a 1 TB disk.

    Here is my (big) issue :
    when I start playing a 1 GO F4V video with a flash player (RTMP) it takes sometimes 2 minutes to load it the first time !
    But if I try again once the video is loaded, it plays instantly. Cache issue ?

    What should I do ? is it related to a bad Media Cache triming ?
    If true, will it work for all my videos ?

    Thank you for your help.
    Bruno Michalet

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    Hi Bruno,

    If you are using MediaCache and are finding that playback is slow for the first request and then fast for future requests of the same part of the video then this does seem to indicate it may be related to your MediaCache settings. There are a number of MediaCache parameters that you could look at tuning, but if this doesn't help then I'd suggest raising a support ticket via the following process. Please refer to this thread should you do that.


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    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your very usefull answer.
    It gives me a hint that my problem might be linked to the Azure disk cache rather than the Wowza server.
    We will investigate this track.

    All the best,

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