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Thread: HTTP and CDN's

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    Default HTTP and CDN's

    Been webcasting for a few years now and have almost exclusively used WSE as a stand alone server, not using a CDN.

    Okay, help me understand a few things:

    I have been using JW 6 using HLS with excellent results. This is going to clients who are watching on mostly desktops but some mobile devices. Basically, no one is getting RTMP.

    Can a CDN lower my costs for distribution? When doing testing to Cloudfront, Keycdn, and MaxCDN, all three give me additional connections at my Wowza server (which I don't want because that means i'm paying for the CDN AND AWS data transfer). Obviously this is pulling from Wowza. Pulling was quite easy to setup.

    So it seems that what I really need to be doing is pushing, but this seems a WHOLE LOT MORE complicated when I look at the Wowza guide here in the forum. (Dont want to start amending code and what I see the text document is not what I see in the guide.) It's also very CDN specific but what if I don't want to use akamai?

    Is pushing what I want to be doing? Can I do this? - Push a single http stream to a cdn and have all the distribution come from the CDN, not the Wowza instance.

    I really do appreciate any insight that you may have.

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    And this is what is in my PushPublishMap file:

    # Push Publishing Map file, format:
    # format:
    # [src-stream-name]={Profile:[profile], [additional-configuration-items]}

    #myStream={profile:"rtmp", streamName:"myStreamRTMP", host:"localhost", application:"live", userName:"myuser", password:"mypassword"}
    #myStream={profile:"mpegts", streamName:"myStreamMPEGTS", host:"", port:10000, rtpWrap:false}
    #myStream={profile:"rtp", streamName:"myStreamRTP", host:"", videoPort:10002, audioPort:10004}

    I AM okay with code, as long as I know EXACTLY what to do.

    And from what I've seen - maxcdn may be a good option for me (If any of this is even possible).

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    Right now only pushing http to Akamai is supported. It's likely that your CDN may still allow you to use RTMP and
    convert that within the network to HLS. In this case would would use the RTMP profile in the first line shown:
    myStream={profile:"rtmp", streamName:"myStreamRTMP", host:"localhost", application:"live", userName:"myuser", password:"mypassword"}

    The values for streamName:"myStreamRTMP", host:"hostname", application:, userName:, password:
    would be provided by your CDN in your account information.


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    Got it. Ugh. May have to deal with akamai which will involve an all out sales assault.

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    Is it really still possible that Wowza can't push HLS to any CDN other than Akamai?

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