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Thread: first live stream issue

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    Default first live stream issue

    Hi All,

    I am having a problem with the (my) first live stream. Publisher is set up, I have got go coder on my iPhone, and I have emailed myself the configurations. All set up. I input the source authentication (I assume thats the publisher name and password??) i click on the big red button and i get a connection error....or the app keeps saying restarting.....not sure whats going on. Is it possible port 1935 is closed?

    For reference I can stream VoD no problem.....

    Update I have been told that port1935 is open both ways by my ISP.....but I am still seeing a connection error on the iOS app on my phone

    Any help appreciated.

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    I suggest opening a support ticket by sending a zipped copy of your /conf and /logs folders to



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    I have the same trouble. I did everything and send myself the config link.
    When I press encode button on my tablet or iphone i see redirecting stream, but not else is happening.

    I have the trial version of wowza streaming engine manager.



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