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Thread: Use Video on Amazon S3 server as input to IPublishingProvider.

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    Question Use Video on Amazon S3 server as input to IPublishingProvider.


    I am trying to specify the video located on Amazon S3 server as input to IPublishingProvider.

    IPublishingProvider provider = new PublishingProviderMediaReader(publisher, publisher.getMaxTimecode(), "http://cloudfrontDistribution/xyz.mp4");

    At this line I am getting FileNotFoundException for file.

    Is it possible in wowza to programmatically specify remote file path for IPublishingProvider?

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    You can do that with the help of the Media Cache functionality provided by Wowza.
    Please take a look at the "How to scale video on demand streaming with Media Cache" forum article. The instructions from the "Add an S3 HTTP source" paragraph might prove useful in this scenario.

    As an example, You might also want to look into the ServerListenerStreamPublisher available in the Modules Collection.


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