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Thread: Wowza is not working anymore

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    Default Wowza is not working anymore


    I use wowza with Amazon EC2. I use Security Token 2 and i've made an custom jwplayer with my token. It was working fine until last week. The server that I hosted my website has changed. I dont see connection between the server where my website is hosted, wowza player and EC2. The old server is very slow... but when i run the player from there, the vídeo works fine (using the same swf and the same aplication name).

    I've created a new aplication with no security and the video works fine. When I enable the Secure Token, the same player doesn't shows the video anymore (the player shows only the loading animation). Where I'm missing?

    Have you have any idea where i can find a solution?


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    Hi phmribeiro,

    I do apologize for the delay in response. It would be best if we can take a look at your configuration and log files so that we can investigate the issue. Do send an email to from an email address that is listed as a support contact for your Wowza account. Do include the following:
    - /conf
    - /logs
    - jwplayer embed code used and custom swf files
    - sample video file used in testing

    Please include a link to this thread as reference in your ticket.


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