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Thread: VODS3 app streaming

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    Default VODS3 app streaming

    We are sharing videos from different devices. When we upload video on S3 from an iOS device and use RTSP URL (of our vodS3 app) to play the video on Android then the video plays.
    But if we send the video from Android then the video is not played on the receiving android device media player.
    What could be the reason here? Does it have to do any thing with bit-rate or frame rate etc settings or any thing else?

    Also the iOS videos which play on android over RTSP are rotated, where as the original ones are fine. Any suggestions for this

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    It could be a difference in codec or, as you indicate, some other encoding settings.
    You can use a tool like MediaInfo to compare the two.
    For the rotated videos, are the width/height settings reversed at all?


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