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Thread: edge server big buffering

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    Default edge server big buffering

    Good day.

    We need to do a broadcast from the place with very poor communication channel, with huge gaps of up to several minutes or more ( and variable bandwidth, from 100KB up to 30 MB ) but with an average bandwith per hour of about 5 mbps

    the publisher is not able to buffer the data on these gaps (

    assume that can help the implementation of the scheme original-edge, in which the primary server is guaranteed a good network with the publisher, accumulating the data, while the secondary, in addition to serving customers, and can upload data to stock as soon as the network allows it )

    it is clear that it is possible the delay will be huge, but it is acceptable, 30-45 minutes, but at least an hour, the main thing that worked and the client was infinitely beautiful picture with "live" stream)

    is it possible?

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    If you haven't already tuned your system, I would suggest following the steps in this article first.

    You could try to adjust the buffer settings in [install-dir]/conf/VHost.xml to a much larger value on both the Origin and Edge servers. You will want to increase the the SendBufferSize on the Origin Server and the ReceiveBufferSize on the Edge Server.


    Also adding a SortBuffer to your stream may help. Please see the following link for more information.

    Best regards,

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