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Thread: the case for ssl / https?

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    Default the case for ssl / https?

    i use wowza with ssl cert but i am wondering what the actual case is for it. like if i did not use that one part of wowza would i be not secure - and in what way?

    i has a conversation with another streaming person who argued:
    "I do not serve the video itself across SSL for performance reasons, which is why you were seeing the website switch from https to http. The reason is that the video files themselves are already encrypted, the player secure, and therefore there is no way for the streams to be pirated. Streaming encrypted video over SSL would be a redundant step and only result in lowering performance."

    any feedback on this?

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    no feedback ?

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    Hi Bobmane,

    It depends how he is encrypting the video files. If they are being encrypted via psk and that key is being transferred across during playback with no encryption, it means that somebody could intercept the key and decrypt the video. Which would therefore be insecure.

    YouTube delivers its video content via SSL. The performance concerns don't seem to trouble them.



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