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    Hi there,
    i am up and running a new wowza streaming engine, used for live streaming. My question now is, if there is a HOWTO for dummys to set up load balancing. I think that my actual server is going to run out of power sooner or later. I have monthly license and buying another one is no problem. As i said i would be happy if there would be anybody sharing his experience or knowledge in creating that load balancing.


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    Hello there.
    Not sure if you have seen these guides yet, but a good place to start:

    Load balancing overview

    Scaling and load balancing overview

    How to get Dynamic Load Balancing AddOn

    If you need any help configuring along the way please feel free to ask in the forums. For more hands on, in depth assistance please consider posting a request to the find a consultant forum



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    Hi, thanks for your answer.....Yes , i have been through this articles before, but in some parts i did not understand everything.....I will give a try the next days to do it on my own, but if it won´t work, i will search for a help here in the forum.....of course paying for help.....

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