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Thread: Wowza Record Stop after n-time

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    Default Wowza Record Stop after n-time

    Good afternoon!
    How can we realize this function? For ex, we have 3 vars where saved time in hours. For ex. 3 hour in first var. Ok It says to wowza that after start record wowza stop this stream after 3 hours! Not split! Just stop.
    Or maybe wowza has 1 param where we can write time by default, after that wowza will be send "stop recording" for all streams which was started?
    Thank you! Will be waiting for an answer.

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    You could create a cron entry or the equiv in windows (task scheduler?) to run something like this to start the recording:
    and have another entry for +3 hours to stop it:

    I hope this helps.


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    Thank you Salvadore for your answer.
    But it's not good idea for us!
    User start recording. Function create cron task with stop after n time. We need second cron for monitoring first cron tasks which need to clean. It's not true way!
    Will be good if wowza can monitoring streams record by itself and stop every record after n time. Could you help me?
    Thank you

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