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Thread: crontab and duration

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    Default crontab and duration

    I have a question concerning the crontab and duration. I want to record a live stream for 30 minutes every day (using the Live Application), 12:00 -12: 30. I can not get it to work, the recording roll on forever. Someone who can help?

    streamRecorderSegmentSchedule: 0.30 * * * * *
    Stream Recorder segment duration: 1800000

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    If you're using Wowza Streaming Engine, crontab is only supported for scheduling the segmentation of the recorded files, refer to this section of the recording guide.

    If you just want to record on a scheduled basis I'd suggest the use of recording with a URL as shown here.
    You can control recording that way, outside of Wowza Streaming Engine, using the 'curl' command and a task scheduler.
    You can also record with more control using the LiveStreamRecordManager APIs


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