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Thread: Big Event. What do I need?

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    I have just started out live streaming events. Mainly for a new organisation that has just set up. I have been useing Ustream and an iPad mini and this has been ok...until I got an email asking me to film a big event.

    It is not the size of the event that is worrying me, it is the equipment I will need. I want a multi camera system that will link to an encoder that will then stream to Youtube where most of my viewers will be. I need to know what I will need and how much a system will likely to cost. I dont need 4K, but 720 would be nice. My goal is to get out a clear image of what is happening with the use of 3 or 4 cameras. I dont have a set budget, but I dont want to spend thousands on what may be a one off event. This will be a make a break event so a little pressure.

    This will be a large venue and I want to capture as much as possible. Any help is appriciated

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    Wowza Streaming Cloud may be a good solution for your project. You can use WSC to push your content to YouTube Live or just distribute using using the Wowza Cloud infrastructure, which includes partner CDN's for large scale distributions. You can register for a free trial here and this article describes how to create a connection to YouTube Live.

    As far as equipment needed, that can be difficult to say without more information. For a large scale event, you may wish to work with one of the Independent Wowza Consultants. You can find live event consultants here.

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