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Thread: Problems loading crossdomain.xml in Chrome

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    Default Problems loading crossdomain.xml in Chrome

    I'm running wowza 4.2 and JW player. Sometimes JW player will not play the video when I'm using Chrome. After having watched the nettwork in Chrome using f12 I have found the error to be that crossdomain.xml is not loading.

    Here is the URL I'm getting:

    In IE on the same machine I never get the same error, but chrome usually bug's out with this after starting and stopping the stream a few times.

    Anyone got any idea what this might be?

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    Can you tell us what streaming protocol you are using (HLS or RTMP)? Is this for a live or VOD application? It might also be best to send a support request to with a zip copy of your /conf, /logs, and /transcoder folders from your Wowza installation, and a URL link to a live or VOD stream from this server. Please send the request from an email address that is listed as a valid support contact, and include a link to this post for reference.


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