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Thread: HLS Encoding (Apple) is it need a GPU Hardware?

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    Default HLS Encoding (Apple) is it need a GPU Hardware?


    I've try to build a local wowza streaming engine and I found something different. I want to move whole wowza instance from AWS to my local datacenter.
    I found something different between AWS vs Local Installation, my previous thread about Video did not appears on Apple Device using Safari make me more curious about the configuration, but I was though is not the configuration, but something missing (hardware?).

    My question is, did amazon aws has a GPU for instance Amazon Wowza m2.xlarge ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Animaleante View Post
    Then why the result could be different between the local setup with the aws setup?
    The source are same, when I change to aws, the apple HLS can play normally from their browser (safari).
    But if i set the wowza stream engine to local, the HLS can't play anymore.

    Any method to debug/analyze it?

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    It may be a firewall configuration, ie. ports were open properly on the AWS instance, but not on the local data-center instance.
    Consider what port you are trying to play over, wither the standard Wowza streaming port 1935 or the default http port 80.


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