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Thread: Updated to 4.2, Stream Targets link not found

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    Default Updated to 4.2, Stream Targets link not found

    I recently updated from 4.1.2 to 4.2.0 and I do not see the correct navigation for my live applications. The old menu names are still listed on the left side (though when I go to the pages, I see the new labels at the top of the screen ... for example, the link still says "Incoming Publishers" but at the top of the page content area I see "live > Sources (Live)"). This I could work with, except that there is no link for Stream Targets. I have run the update twice and also tried creating a new application, and I cannot see the links for the new functionality. Ideas about what to do next? (Preferably not a clean re-install ...)

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    OK, so here's the deal ... used a different browser and all the links were there. It looks like these links show up from some kind of client-side AJAX call or similar process, and the menu items themselves are cached in the browser. Clearing browser cache enabled them all to show up correctly. So file that away for the next person that sees this happen ...

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    Thank you for the update on this and for posting the solution. Glad you got it sorted.



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