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Thread: Multiple Server Streaming for in house networking

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    Question Multiple Server Streaming for in house networking

    Hi there,

    I need your help asap! We now use Wowza for serval years with our server. We got the Wowza Streaming Engine and stream one to two times in a month a live stream for about 100-300 Viewers. We have a dedicated Server at 1Gbit/s so this just works fine.

    One of our big Customer now wants a big "in house" streaming for round about 30k Viewers (employees) the problem is, all of them is going over one Company Connection (5Gbit/s). We stream with 640x360 H264 @ 750kbit/s and this is a way too much for 30k Viewers (and for our server).

    The 30k Viewer are not at the same location, they are splittet in the hole country at 20 locations. So our Idea now was: Setup a small Server for each location for internal network! With this we can be sure, we have full 1Gbit/s per location .. They have around 500 to 2500 Viewers per location so we would reduce the quality at locations with many viewers.

    My Idea:
    Encoder (TV Studio) -> Wowza Streaming Engine (our Server) -> 20x streams to the small Servers at location side -> Viewers

    Is this a practicable way? If no, what would be another solution? I need this asap!

    If this is a good solution. I need help for calculating the specs of the servers. That should be small houses (miniITX maybe?) How much RAM we need for that? I think the max Viewer is 2500 Viewers at 1Gbit/s.

    Will we need 20x the Licence of the Wowza Streaming Engine? Is there a discount for that?

    If you need other informations, just post please!

    Thanks u alot !

    Did I get this right and that is what I need?

    So the Origin Server is our first Server to which the Encoder is Streaming and the Edge Servers grabs that stream from the Origin Server. And the Player is configured to listen at the Edge Servers. We got a landing page and there is a php script which is detecting the viewers location by IP and than set the stream URI to the local Edge Servers...

    Is this right and I am understanding this right? Thanks a lot !!

    CPU: Any Dual-Core i5 recommendations?
    RAM: 4-8GB
    Network: 1Gbit
    Mini-ITX Board

    Could this runs with about 2500 Viewers/Connections? The size and bitrate would be something to fit in the 1Gbit/s (I think something with 390kbit/s)

    What is the difference between "Origin" -> "Edge" Configuration for one master and (dont know) 20 slaves and the Stream Targets option? Dont get that right sorry
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    This issue is being handled via ticket #133881. Please refer to that ticket for more information.


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    Thank you four your answer. I see you really care about your customer! Thats really nice. I already saw your mail.
    In the meantime I was able to get some information and to test something out. So its really nice to have a R&D license to test stuff like that!

    So what is our plan now:
    We use the Wowza Cloud as main origin server. This gives us the ability to stream our stuff and to get that viewed by external customers. For every employe we setup a local server at the local buildings (Configure as Edge Server) This server would be setup with 1Gbit/s so at 640x360px with H264 and 800kbit/s we could server 1100 Viewers per edge server. I tested this yesterday locally at my office and it just works fine. I think the option for Stream Target is for other solutions but not effective for our purpose).

    Now I only need some spec information of this edge servers. There is NO transcoding, just simply passthrough as we already stream from our encoder with 640x360 h264 800bkit/s. Maybe there is one or two location with about 2000 employes. Here we have to take on the transcoder to make a smaller video (round about 1/2 of 360p and 400kbit/s). So what can you say about this specs:

    CPU: Intel Core i5-4670K Haswell boxed
    Board: Asus H8-1I-PLUS
    Ram: 8GB
    HDD: 120GB SSD
    NIC: 1Gbit/s
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