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Thread: Merge recorded files

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    Question Merge recorded files

    hi i am developing an application with wowza that records a audio/video conversation with multiple persons,
    so wowza generates a mp4 file for each person that is sharing your microphone/camera
    Until here is everything right, my doubt is how to play all this media in a synchronized way.
    Person 1 starts to share his audio/video on time 00:05s.
    Person 2 starts to share his audio/video on time 00:10s.
    Those 2 persons keeping talking during 1 minute.

    i would like to merge this files in a single file, i tried to use ffmpeg but i kind give up.
    Someone with experience in this kind of application can suggest some tools or way to implement this?


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    You might be able to do it with VLC:
    How to Merge and Transcode Multiple Videos

    You might have syncing issues, but if the videos are exactly the same encoding and start at the same time, it might work.



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