Wowza Team

we are having trouble using the ILiveStreamRecordManager class.

In the example below ILiveStreamRecordManager started the class in onAppStart.

private static com.wowza.wms.livestreamrecord.manager.ILiveStreamRecordManager recordManager;
private static com.wowza.wms.livestreamrecord.manager.StreamRecorderParameters recordParams;

in onAppStart.

recordParams = new com.wowza.wms.livestreamrecord.manager.StreamRecorderParameters(appInstance);
recordParams.versioningOption = IStreamRecorderConstants.VERSION_FILE;
recordManager = appInstance.getVHost().getLiveStreamRecordManager();

Then through another method we started recording.

recordManager.startRecording(appInstance, params.get("streamName").toString(), recordParams);

Issue 1
What we need to do is get the name and the file size (MP4) recording to save the database. We have researched and found nothing in the documentation.

Issue 2
Another problem we have is that the recording created with the class is generating problems of time in the video, he gets a crazy time a 30-second video gets 348239489398/2. In the logs is generated the following error:

TWriterUtils.writeMOOVAtom[/usr/local/WowzaStreamingEngine/content/fromapp3recorder67570d5dbf9403666e77.mp4]: File duration requires 64-bit atom structures. File may not play properly in QuickTime for Windows.