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Thread: how to disconnect streamer through manager

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    Question how to disconnect streamer through manager

    Dear Wowza Community and Support Team,

    Is there a way to disconnect incoming streamer through the manager?

    And if not how can i disconnect them?
    Thank you.

    best regards

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    Hello there.

    You can disconnect a stream in the Manager under Applications > ApplicationName > Incoming Streams if it is a Mediacaster based stream (RTSP/RTP or mpegts), and then block the IP address in security settings.
    If an RTMP stream, it's a little more difficult, you can block the stream by IP blacklist (under incoming security), but then you'll need to disconnect the stream by stopping the application itself. Once the stream is disconnected it shouldn't be able to reconnect with that blocked IP address.

    I hope this answers your question.


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