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Thread: What is Eating HD Space?

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    Default What is Eating HD Space?

    Ok, I have two EBS volumes mounted to my EC2 instance. One is a 40GB volume onto which we have the system and Wowza. I have another, which my application instances that are recording are pushing to which is 500 GB.

    The applications are recording properly as I can see the 500 GB slowly fill up.

    I do have the FileMover working so when the stream disconnects it moves it from the EBS to a folder within my S3 bucket. That part is working awesome, and I have someone working on the Java module to push the file to a specific folder based on a php query to our user database.

    None of that is my issue though.

    My issue is that somehow Wowza is filling up my 40 Gb drive for no apparent reason that I can suss out. Even while it fills that up it still writes to the 500 GB EBS volume, or at least it appears to. I am fearing some corruption of recordings, though. I want to get to the bottom of where Wowza is writing stuff to, and how to stop it.

    Anyone have any thoughts on what is happening? BTW if you have a nice serversidemodule that can query a mySQL dB to figure out where to write a file to, let me know privately. :-) My java guys haven't talked to me in about two weeks.


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    It might be worth it to you to open a ticket with the support team, as they will need to investigate your configuration files and study your logs. Please zip you /conf and /logs folders and send them to to open a ticket. Please also include a link to this thread as a reference.

    Thank you.


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    Thanks, will do. Unfortunately now the write has made my EC2 instance inaccessible. It was filling the boot volume and now that it has absolutely no space on it, the instance will not reboot fully.

    I will send in the ticket, though hoping someone here knew of something that might be writing to the file structure other than writing "recorded streams." As my recorded streams are going in the right direction.

    Thanks for the note.


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