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Thread: Setting one time token.

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    Default Setting one time token.

    Is there any way to create one time token? Even if we include IP, start, and end time into the token it still can be used multiple times within the same subnet. I understand that the hash can be saved into DB and checked every time if it was used, but maybe there something build-in that can be configured.

    Also I am not sure how to extract token information or customparameter from within plug-in.

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    The one-time token validity feature is not something currently available in Wowza Streaming Engine, but, as you said, it should be possible to create a custom module that would implement this workflow.

    Can you be more specific about what information you would like to extract? Which plugin are you referring to?
    Normally the parameters are passed as a query string appended to the playback URL of a particular stream.


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