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    Default writePacket output


    Can someone please direct me to documentation on what these values in the writePacket logs mean?

    2015-07-16 00:03:46 UTC comment server DEBUG 200 - writePacket[vid]: sz:45 tc:3861558859:565508273:1437005026129:200 key:false - - - 1208.728
    2015-07-16 00:03:32 UTC comment server DEBUG 200 - writePacket[aud]: sz:131 tc:3861545934:952792064:1437005012945:0 - - - 1195.544

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello there.

    You can find documentation for this in the Server Side API

    It is important to be sure you are are getting key frames. You should see a log statement that looks like this where key:true:
    writePacket[vid]: sz:9738 tc:1288019536983:107659:1288019536983:0 key:true
    Also, if you do not want to see all the DEBUG messages you can edit conf/ and changing the log level on the first line from DEBUG to INFO



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