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Thread: Metadata issues for server-side published live streams (RTMP)

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    Default Metadata issues for server-side published live streams (RTMP)


    We have server-side published live streams of our TV channels, which are basically just playlists and MP4s.

    One of our new distribution partners has mentioned missing metadata in the RTMP version of these streams, which is preventing them from carrying our channels. The metadata is present in the HLS version, but they require both HLS and RTMP for full distribution. We've looked extensively and are unable to find what's wrong or how to fix.

    Here's a sample stream:

    Any ideas?


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    This has been addressed in ticket #135451. For others looking into this same issue, I'm posting the support person's answer here:

    In older versions of the Server side publisher, the basic RTMP metadata that is normally sent to the player when the stream first starts is disabled by default. This is because it would pull the duration data from the mp4 files and cause problems for some players. In later versions, the duration data is stripped out and the rest of the metadata is sent to the player.

    If you are running an older version that doesn't strip out the duration data, you would need to update this version and then set the sendMetaData setting to true.

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