I currently use Wowza on a single dedicated server. Simple install and maintenance. Iím now moving to a cloud solution and need a little advice about the software and implementation.

On the cloud solution I have 2 web server nodes, Web01 and Web02. Wowza will be installed on Web01 and will run on that single node unless the node fails and Wowza will be started on Web02. Now considering the configuration, application data etc for Wowza will be identical for each node, I wanted to find out if itís safe to share configuration and application data between nodes. For example I thinking of having [install-dir]/conf and [install-dir]/applications directory shared between both Wowza installs. Thereís a chance that both Wowza instances could be running at the same time or that the first instance will not be shut down correctly before the second node is fired up. Is this safe to do? What are best practices in this situation?

Also I donít want to be paying double subscription as even though I have 2 instances, they are technically exactly the same and I only ever need one running at one moment in time. What are best practices to avoid paying for 2 instances in my situation?

Thanks for your help.