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Thread: How to monitor per stream Bandwidth utilization using log file

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    Default How to monitor per stream Bandwidth utilization using log file

    Hi ,
    Is there any possibility to monitor per stream Bandwidth utilization in Wowza using log file ?. I tried , but couldn't identify which entry that need to used for monitor.

    As cs-bytes shows huge amount of value like 1GB for single test stream request.

    2015-07-20:2015-07-20 19:42:11 UTC play stream INFO 200 new - _defaultVHost_ live _definst_ 2.822 [any] 1935 rtmp:// rtmp LNX 15,0,0,189 1666713516 3614 3454 1 0 0 0 new - - - - - rtmp:// rtmp:// - rtmp:// -

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    You can see the log4j field definitions in the user guide.

    cs-bytes is a cumulative total transferred from client to server. You may find cs-stream-bytes useful - it's the cumulative total number of bytes transferred from client to server for the stream referenced at x-stream-id.


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    I could see the value for cs-stream-bytes on stop action. From the log file, I split up the values to corresponding metric
    cs-bytes --> 2014599101
    sc-bytes --> 3817
    x-stream-id --> 5306327
    cs-stream-bytes --> 422606
    sc-stream-bytes --> 0
    x-sname --> 5268043
    x-sname-query --> test

    Here what is use of x-sname ?.

    Is the x-stream-id unique ? . In what metric, this ID is generated ?. In what scenario, this value will help us .

    Also, Is there any option to monitor per stream BW utilization via API Url Method [ like ] ?.

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    Anyone please suggest for my above query ?

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    Hi kgmsan,

    I am not 100% sure I fully understand your request. Anyway, we have a tool that reports the bandwidth per stream (among other things). You can try our free eval at .


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