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Thread: wowza quicksync transcode video

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    Question wowza quicksync transcode video

    Hi there,

    I'm using QuickSync transcode in my workflow, it has a picture quality issue when i playback the output live stream. it would have a mosaic picture especially when scene changes or fast motion picture. when scene change happend, the picture will become blur and then it will turn into clear progressively.

    CPU: intel corel I7-3770
    Input: 8Mbps or 17Mbps 1080i/720i mpegts stream(mpeg2+ac3)
    (now transcode 3 input stream, cpu utilization percentage is 35%, GPU around 15%, memory take 8GB of 12GB)
    Transcode para:
    Any idea to slove this problem?

    Thanks very much!

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    Do you see the same issue if you try using the default transcoding, as opposed to QuickSync transcoding?


    This will, at least, help eliminate a particular issue that Wowza Streaming Engine may be having with the source stream.

    Best regards,

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    Hi, thanks for the reply

    The dufault transcoding is much better, i had making a copy of this two different output videos and shared in dropbox, you might check it


    you can find a obvious difference at the time 9th second.

    so any suggestions about this?


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    This is being handled in ticket #136543


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